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Effects of a population-based, person-centred and integrated care service on health, wellbeing and self-management of community-living older adults

PLOS ONE, 2018 | SLW Spoorenberg, K Wynia, RJ Uittenbroek, HPH Kremer, SA Reijneveld

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Integrated care for older adults improves perceived quality of care: Results of a randomized controlled trial of Embrace

Journal of General Internal Medicine, 2017 | RJ Uittenbroek, HPH Kremer, SLW Spoorenberg, SA Reijneveld, K Wynia

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Experiences of community-living older adults receiving integrated care based on the Chronic Care Model: A qualitative study.

PLoS ONE, 2015 | SLW Spoorenberg, K Wynia, AS Fokkens, K Slotman, HPH Kremer, SA Reijneveld

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